Vicky is a printmaker inspired by collections of found objects and natural forms; she is fascinated with the structure and design found in flowers and plants, often redrawing the same plant many times over. 

Still lives often incorporate seedpods, grasses, bottles and bowls collected on walking and sketching trips.  Each piece tells a story using collage and drawing, referencing a memory, time or place.

The prints are taken from plates which have been collaged with a variety of materials, card, fabric, paper, string, sand and anything else that may come to hand; it’s recycling at its most creative!  The plates are then sealed and then inked up and printed in intaglio or relief on damp paper using an etching press.  The embossed textural quality of the print is unique to this method.

Thanks to the process itself, Vicky is able to make small editions of the image, the editions are variable due to the process and her desire to experiment, which means each print, is unique

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