Rūta Bartkevičiūtė studied at Vilnius Academy of Art and gained a ceramists master’s degree in 2013. Since 2008 she began take part in group exhibitions , symposiums , competitions , art residencies in Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, Denmark, Italy and the UK . Since 2010 she held 4 solo exhibitions. She lives in the United Kingdom and works as an independent artist in her studio.

While studying most attention was paid to functional tableware and their design, further studies revealed interest in conceptual ceramics to express and idea of ​​using and combining different materials. At the moment Ruta is creating ornamental and functional ceramics in her studio such as vases, jars, bowls. In her work you may feel vivid and clear connection to her nation, history and people. Her ceramic decor focuses on distinctively restored ancient Baltic symbols, particularly in the tree of life. They are given a modern playful shape with bright colors and other symbolic elements. Old forms are then reborn in contenporary art. This creates an unbroken cultural chain while maintaining the essential aspects of existence. The world portrayted by the artist has a positive energy charge. Particular emphasised topics are natural cycle of life, nature, harmony, love and happiness. You could say that Rutas‘ work is saturaded in the essence of life so much that you may say there‘s a permanent feeling of spring residing on her art.

Her chosen decor technique with low-temperature allows unrestricted use of bright colors creating unexpected color combinations. The author creates unique functional pieces that will find its place in every home. The bright addition to your home will help to demonstrate the owners attitude to life and a close relationship with nature as well as promote positive feelings.

Ruta works using low-temperature materials and coatings. Functional tableware design to be used with food is coated with food safe coatings. Although they are functional they are not designed for everyday use due to the very technical and intricate details. Teapots, cups, jars, bowls, plates and jugs are glazed with plain glaze on the inside and are suitable to use with food or liquids.