I could give you a long and boring CV  but I wont so in short I started my working life as a mechanical engineer designing all manner of things and creating beautiful prototypes which I enjoyed immensely  but found after years of this that the only thing my clients were concerned with was costs and profit.

So I had a plan around 2001 to design my life in to something where I could throw all my passion in to my work and make only things I liked and hopefully gave others pleasure when they saw them, still working on it.

I take my inspiration from the natural world usually often conflating several shapes, movements and feelings to create a piece which often develops a life of its own as I work on it and direct us both to the final outcome.

My material is metal as I think we understand each other quite well after these years and am always interested to find a new way to use it.

I love putting my work in front of viewers who often bring something of their own to the piece  when they study it.