Through photography I aim to educate and inform as many people as possible about the wonders of nature, our wildlife and the habitats they depend on. 

Experts agree that a wide range of environmental problems exist: these include man-made climate change (‘global warming’), the destruction of tropical forests, the depletion and extinction of species, and the precipitous decline of biodiversity. Their causes – and their potential solutions – are invariably bound up with human attitudes, values, and behaviours.

We have got to this position because technological developments have allowed humans to exert a greater influence over natural resources and ecosystems, rapidly increasing human population and dramatic increases in resource and energy consumption.

But the solutions are also in our hands. Photography can play its part in resolving these problems by raising awareness and encouraging behavioural change.  I aim to make pictures that convey beauty and inspiration; that give meaning to what we might lose if we fail to protect our planetary home.

The images on display have been taken in the wild. Some of the animals showcased in the display are threatened by declining numbers, while the population of others is at best stable. The habitats on which they depend are also being lost to development, sometimes for food.  Biologists say we need to set aside 50% of the earth for nature. If we don’t change our ways, we will witness a mass extinction event that will not only leave our world a far more boring and lonely place, but will undercut the very survival of our species.