There used to be a road safety campaign years ago: Stop! Look! Listen! (before you cross the road, I suppose). Well, I’d say that life itself is out there to be seen, enjoyed and thoroughly experienced for all the good stuff it has to offer, so that Stop! Look! Listen! might well apply to all of us who at times get too caught up in our own worlds.

So, despite all the troubles that undoubtedly and rightfully demand our attention and action the world still has moments of beauty, curiousness and occasions for experiential meaningfulness to offer. All it takes is some open-minded awareness for your surroundings and you stumble into them, pretty much everwhere, everyday. 

As they occur in my own life I try to make such moments last a little longer through my paintings, basically for all those who couldn’t be there at the time. And if a painting of mine can enrich someone else’s life for a while, I think I will have achieved what I set out to do.