The journey to pens included boat building, designing wooden office furniture, and using this amazing material to create beautiful interiors for some iconic buildings around the world which all led me to develop a love and knowledge of wood both as a material and part of our social history. I don’t make and sell pens, high street retailers do that, I sell stories wrapped up in fine writing instruments. I use some of the finest components from the best suppliers around the world and encase them in hand crafted wood from my collection of over 220 domestic and exotic woods from around the world, nineteen species of Rosewood, three walnut, Oaks, Elm, fruit woods such as cherry, damson, from the trees which give the koala their diet, the eucalyptus in Australia, ancient olive trees from the Holy land which were around at the time of Christ, and trees that pre date the building of the great pyramid of Khufu in Giza, Cairo, East Anglia’s very own Bog Oak, a tree that became extinct over five thousand years ago but still lies buried in the soil of the fens in a state of pre fossilisation-I can smell the formation of oil within the wood when I turn the material on my lathes.


Woods come in many colours, green, black, red, orange, purple, amongst others but not blue, any colour but. Get a flavour for what I do