Nagihan Seymour is a Surrey based artist specialised in traditional arts.  Manuscript illumination was the major part of her studies, and as her style has developed she started to combine sacred geometry with classic illumination, bringing old style a new breath. The images are normally symmetrical designs consisting of naturalistic floral ornamentation or patterns with simple expression.

She always uses genuine gold in her works. Gold in the form of gold leaf, is bound in gum arabic and processed for hours. Once finished, this processed gold is called shell gold and become ready to use. She had her first solo exhibition “Reflection and Illumination” in March 2017 at The Lightbox Gallery, Woking, which was the one of the bestselling exhibition of the gallery.

All her paintings are free hand drawn and no stencil used.

Facebook: Nagihan Seymour-Art, Illumination
Twitter: Nagihan Seymour
Instagram: nesartanddesign