Sculptures for garden and home.

As well as a career as a publishing designer and art director, Melissa embarked on producing sculptures about 10 years ago. Mainly self-taught, she has developed her practice with the support of the Rookwood group.

Working mainly in wire, Melissa’s sculptural works explore a wide variety of differing processes, from the solidity of ciment fondu to creating delicate ‘wire drawings’. These can easily be sited within a garden environment or grace the home. Her inspiration comes from the countryside and nature. Making animals and quirky birds that celebrate the amazing creatures we share our world with.

Melissa sometimes uses bright, unrealistic colours in her work, to bring a smile and challenge convention. She collects sea-glass, discarded or broken metal items, and has begun incorporating these into some of her pieces.

She loves the individual outcomes of using different techniques to allow the spirit of the piece to find its own voice.

Commissions are welcome.

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