Laurie has walked, cycled, run, fished, watched birds, and hunted Neolithic monuments across most parts of Britain and western Ireland over many years. All this time he has drawn and painted, filling sketchbooks with images and memories of our beautiful lands. For almost as long he has been a professional artist and teacher specializing as a printmaker making the classic copper plate aquatint etchings and also the more esoteric collagraphs.

The etchings are delicate tonal essays in light and atmosphere, two precisely drawn plates contributing colour and form to make a balanced and harmonious whole.

The collagraphs by contrast are printed from collages of card, textile, wallpapers, plaster and glue. Real plants may be cast and stuck down; layers of intricately shaped of papers, card and tissue are assembled to make powerful, abstracted often Cubist inspired images. The plates are then varnished so that they can be inked and printed as if they were etchings. These plates are deep and heavily textured so the inks are rich and very painterly and the prints uniquely sculptural and heavily embossed.

Laurie will be printing both multi plate etching and collagraphs at this years Childwickbury Arts Fair.