My aim is to make flutes in as sacred a way as possible. Each flute is a one off with its own quirks and personality. I like to let the natural beauty, grain and lustre of the wood shine but have been known to carve the odd block into a Hare or Wolf, I also inlay Abalone and Powa shell into the block and flute from time to time… I like to make my flutes sing with as clear a voice as I can. Sound is the most important thing. You can make a flute with a clear voice sound breathy but it is very difficult to make a breathy flute sing clearly. All of my flutes are tuned to the Pentatonic minor scale. I work from high G to low C, but can make flutes below Low C if needed.

I like to work with Native British Timber wherever possible, I have been a gatherer for many years, it is something very close to my heart. I do however use imported timber as well. I make an introductory range of flutes from Western Red Cedar, these have a Rosewood Block and are a great starting point. High C to low E.