Kasia has an eye for turning the banal, functional and often overlooked objects of everyday life into frozen moments in time, provoking questions and wonder through her still life compositions, captured with sharp vibrant photography. 

“When I see a commonplace object, a lacklustre glass, a piece of wonky fruit, a half eaten sandwich, and small creatures from the garden I feel compelled to the possibilities of giving them a story and their own little bit of a history”. 

Through creative lighting, and playfully classic composition Kasia brings out an atmosphere of curiosity in her images, selecting the elements for their aesthetic quality and the character they exude. There are reflections within her art work born of nostalgia with low key illuminations reminiscent of 17th Century Dutch Still Life paintings. The configuration brings the viewer into the story and darkness draws them a little closer still, to peer into another world where life is present through the inanimate. Still and forever present. Kasia’s still life is a chance to immerse oneself into a single moment, a snippet of time made eternal, the mundane becoming something more, a shape, a shadow, a form, a metaphor, and a symbolic experience of life. 

Kasia works as a commercial photographer with a particular interest in food photography. After completing a Degree in Hospitality Management in her early twenties and working in the food industry for a number of years her passion for photography developed. She wanted a change in career and in 2002 undertook an HND in photography at Metropolitan University and worked as a freelance photographer in various London studios and assisted on shoots with established photographers including David LaChapelle and Nick Knight. Four years ago she moved with her family to Hitchin, where she still lives building up a business teaching photography and shooting commercially.

She has always had a passion for art and now combines her knowledge of food with photography to create her own art. Her work is influenced by Juan Sanchez Cotan’s use of light and composition to dramatise subjects and also by other European artists from the 1600’s onwards. She has also looked at the work of modern day photographers including Irving Penn and Michael Hilsman. She uses these influences to create her own compositions and capture them on camera.

By using this style of lighting and set up even the most ordinary of objects can tell a story with depth and passion. The results of her influences have been likened to C17th Dutch Still Life. She believes and feels that even the most ordinary of objects deserve to have the opportunity to show their magnificence through art photography! The photographic art exhibited here are just a few examples of Kasia’s recent still life work. Some have a more classical feel whist others are more contemporary and anarchic in their emotion. There is a connection of old to new putting everyday household objects straight from the kitchen cupboard to the centre stage.

All artwork is for sale as limited edition prints. Commissions welcome.

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