I begin drawing by applying pastels to tracing paper, smoothing and smudging the marks with my hands, then removing the pigment with pencil erasers and abrasive materials. I do this over and over to build up a complex and layered tonal image. Like in the sky, the clouds emerge and are fluid within this process.

Somewhere to escape to and something to shelter from, the sky is an omnipresent and compelling force. The elements can seem distant, but we feel them in our bones. They have a direct effect on our emotions and motivations, our hopefulness and our despair. We are uplifted or made anxious, soothed or terrified.  Our lives are made trivial in the path of the storm.

With my drawing I attempt to utilise this invisible force, blowing icy wind in your face and knocking you off balance, overwhelming your senses with the immense and volatile possibilities of air; a reflection of ourselves, our relationships, and our world.