Ceramics for Garden and Home

I first studied ‘O’ level pottery at school in the 70’s but I moved away from ceramics to pursue other interests. In 2004 I re-visited ceramics through adult education workshops in South East London and immediately fell in love with clay once more.  I recently moved my studio from South East London to Buckinghamshire.

My ceramics reflects my interest in natural forms, shapes and textures; I am constantly seeking to find ways to create forms that look as though they have grown within their environment and are part of the place they inhabit. I often colours my own clay with oxides as well as using slips and glazes applied over a number of firings to create depth and texture.

The visual and tactile quality of my work is essential to me; using colours and textures that speak of pebbles on a beach, rocks on a river bed, ancient stones, old places. I hand build all my forms, the building period can be long with a slow careful drying time.  Every piece is unique and the garden work is all high fired, stoneware and frost proof.

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