My work aims to celebrate stitch as a true artistic medium: thread as paint, needles as brushes… translating life, visions and travels. I search for landscapes and environments with a heightened sense of emotion. Drawing on observations and energy from the landscape completely underpins my creativity.
I use free machine embroidery, working at 1600 stitches per minute – it’s fast, furious and often physically hard work: it’s not a relaxing, sedatary pastime for me I am very physically involved and engaged in every moment and every stitch.

“I am the conductor of a creative orchestra entwining my materials, machines and processes in perfect harmonyā€¯.

Dionne Swift is an international textile Artist and Tutor based across Yorkshire and Abruzzo, Italy. Having studied at Goldsmith’s College, Dionne works with passion, intuition and compulsion to find a voice through textiles.

Instagram: dionneswift