I am a self-taught wildlife artist and have been drawing for most of my life, over the years developing and honing my highly detailed approach with graphite media.

I grew up near the Welsh border, my love and fascination with the natural world grew through many expeditions into the wilderness during my teenage years. I discovered I had some ability to recreate images of the wildlife I saw in the dramatic countryside around me. I never had any formal tuition and often wonder if this is a blessing in disguise as I am free to experiment and innovate rather than be stifled through formality.

Family and friends began requesting pictures of pets and animals which allowed me develop my own creative style. However, it was some years before I was persuaded that my art might be good enough for public display. My first exhibition was a success and this has spurred me on to take on commissions from the public and display my work further. 

I have been asked many times why I limit myself to working with graphite pencils but I don’t find it limiting at all. With every picture I draw I find a new technique or a previously undiscovered method that I can utilise to bring to the viewer’s attention the effects of light and shade, dramatic contrast or subtle differences in texture and form.

I now live in rural Scotland in a converted stable nestled in the wild landscape that inspires so much of my work. In recent years I have exhibited my work in galleries throughout England, Wales and Scotland.