I work in what may be considered a “traditional” way, using the wheel to create sound functional forms. The utilitarian wares of Spain and Portugal, and the deep and subtle glaze finishes achieved in the Far East form the backbone of my inspiration. I endeavour to create pieces with a simplicity emanating primarily from function, and an elegance that is clearly derived from the Orient. My over riding intention is for the resulting wares to be undeniably functional and a pleasure to use.
Pieces are thrown using a smooth white stoneware body and either left unaltered or allowed to stiffen before being cut in order to remove sections and then reassembled. Surfaces of freshly thrown pieces are either marked using simple tools to create areas where the glazes can pool or run, or a slip made from the clay body is applied and then combed away leaving subtle ridges to catch and direct the pooling glaze. Dry work is biscuit fired and then glazed before being fired to 1280 degrees centigrade in the oxidising atmosphere of an electric kiln. The glazes used are the result of continual testing, trying to achieve the correct balances between colour, gloss, fluidity, opacity and durability.